Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let the Fairly Odd Times Roll...

My two little girls have birthdays coming up very soon. I have been getting the party plans together, but still haven't sent out the invitations. Yikes! 

In all fairness, I ended up with less time than I originally thought I would have to plan the party. My girls' birthdays are the 8th and the 10th of April, which falls during Holy Week this year. In my mind, I had the party date set for the weekend after Easter. Family members, it turns out, have plans that weekend, and wouldn't be able to come. So... I chopped off two weeks of the planning cushion and set the date for the weekend before Easter. Talk about scramble time!

A bowling party was requested, as was the theme "Fairly Odd Parents," which is a cartoon on Nickelodeon. I got to work right away, and reserved the date at the bowling alley. Check. I sent out a "save the date" email to the invitees to buy a little more time to get the invitations together. Check. Then I scoured the web looking for ideas to pull the theme together, cutting and pasting the thoughts into a document. Check.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
Armed with ideas, I found myself ready for my Tackle it Tuesday: create and send the party invitations.

Mimicking the Fairy Godparents rule book "Da Rules," I fashioned the invitation to be "Da Rules" for having a good time at the birthday party, with the party information details being the rules. A little Fairly Odd Parents clip art was added to help explain the theme. Check.

Okay, so I was well on my way to getting these things on their merry little way to the party invitees. Shucks! I didn't have envelopes to fit those bad boys! After checking prices online at the office supply stores for envelopes fitting the measurements of the invitations (which came 100 per box), I decided to attempt making my own. Wrapping heavier grade paper around an invitation, I created the pattern and made the few that I needed. Check. (Afterwards, I found a lot of internet sites providing printable templates and more ideas to create your own envelopes.)

The next task that needed to be completed was sealing the envelopes. A little scrapbooking adhesive tape closed the envelope, but it needed some flair. Hmmmm. I didn't have any Fairly Odd Parents stickers, so instead, I found shiny gold stars to use. I added a straight black line, and voila! A fairy godparent wand! Check.

The last thing to do is get these to the post office. So, I'm off to do that now. Since the envelopes are homemade (nonstandard), I want to make sure I have adequate postage on them. After all that work, I want to be sure the invitations actually make it to their intended destinations!

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Life with Kaishon said...

Your invitations and envelopes are just perfect! What a great idea to make your own envelopes! Hope the party is a blast!

Susie said...

What an awesome party tackle!!

Brenda said...

Those invitations came out so cute! My son used to watch Fairly Odd Parents all the time!

Happy TT!

AmyK said...

Fantastic! Those look great! I've got my stepdaughter's birthday coming up soon, so this gives me crafty ideas!

Toni said...

OOHH I love the invites! They look so professional!! Great invites makes everyone excited for the party! The girls will love it! :)