Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fairly OddParents Birthday Party Goody Bags

It took me most of the day to get it done, but my Tackle for this Tuesday was to create and print all of the necessary tidbits pertaining to the goody bags for the girls' quickly approaching birthday party. I used a Publishing software on the computer and printed some things onto card stock and the rest onto regular white paper. Here is what all of the supplies looked like after printing, but before sorting, cutting, and attaching.

I used my paper trimmer to cut everything apart so that all of the edges would be clean. Here is the finished product with the contents laid out for picture purposes.

I picked up pink and green gift bags from AC Moore, on sale this week 3/$1. Score! Each bag is labeled with each guest's name alongside the gender-appropriate fairy. The green card stock is the TV show's theme song lyrics (those really get stuck in your head!). The big page is a foldable fortune teller with a Fairly OddParents theme. Do you remember those things from elementary school? You fold them up in just the right way and you can use your hands to open and close it, at last revealing the answer to whatever question you asked it in the beginning. Sort of a poor man's magic 8 ball. There is an Air Heads candy which has a picture of Cosmo and Wanda on it. This was my soon to be 7 year old's idea, as the Fairies float in the 'air'. The packet of pixy stix has a picture of two pixies from the show on it. I bundled several green and pink straws together with a fairy wand and tied them with green fiber. I wasn't sure what I was going to do when I bought the straws, but it turned out cute, I think. I found one store in all of my shopping that had Fairly OddParents stickers, and I bought the only three packets they had!

Because Cosmo and Wanda regularly take the form of goldfish in Timmy's room, we had to have Goldfish crackers. A picture of the Fairy goldfish was attached to help make the mental connection.

Similarly, a picture of Chip Skylark (singer character from the show, famous for singing the song "Icky Vicky") was attached to the packet of mini Chips Ahoy cookies. The Fun Dips were tossed into the mix, not for any Fairly OddParents significance, but just because my birthday girls really wanted them included. :) Oh, and there is a coloring sheet that will also be included in the Goody Bags, but they're off being photocopied at the moment.

On the back of the bag, I listed 10 Fairly OddParents trivia questions. The answers were attached to the bottom of the bag. Since this party will be at the bowling alley, I didn't need to plan any games, but I thought a little trivia was a fun idea.

I had lots of fun planning this party so far. Now all that is left is making the cake!

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Brenda said...

The bags look fantastic. I especially love the fortune teller - i used to love playing with thoses when I was a kid!

OK, now I have "Icky Vicky" stuck in my head.... :)

L2L said...

ohh I can't wait to see what the cake looks like. I have a birthday quickly approaching and it's going to be a monster truck them, should be fun!!!

Toni said...

Wow! Now THAT'S a goodie bag! What cute ideas with the cookies and fish crackers. I'm sure everyone always looks forward to the girls' parties because they are so detailed! Sounds like a really fun time.

Are you tackling the cake?

Colleen McNamara said...

Hi! I have been using this post to make my gift bags for a Fairly OddParents birthday party that I am hosting tomorrow. I really want to include the fortune tellers in the bag but I have been trying for over a week and I can't get the link to work. Do you happen to have this in a file on your computer? Thank you for the help!


Tanya said...

Oh, I wish I had seen your post earlier. I DO have this PDF that I could have sent you. In fact, I can still send it to you if you want to tuck one into your thank you notes. Send me an email at fmercury (at) me (dot) com. I'm glad you found the post helpful!!